Saturday, October 17, 2009

The difference

Germany: Yesterday in the afternoon I left my home to buy some food. The house where I live was empty. The house has 5 floors and on every floor are two flats. In most flats live one person, sometimes two. That's all. During the week, they are all gone at work or elsewhere. The retired woman in the second floor is more often at home than the others, but she is a very active person and she goes out a lot. So yesterday when I left the house I met nobody, not a single person.

India: As soon as I opened my eyes, I was surrounded with people. We were 7 people most of the time in the flat. Somebody was always at home. What was amazing: I felt absolutely free despite being in a group. (I fear group pressure usually). When I left the flat I met usually other people in the aisle of this house. The neighbours had the door open very often, so I saw them, too. But there was also the man who was in the lift helping to close the door and pushing the button. Leaving the house I used to see these 3 or 4 men who were always sitting there. Once I took the wrong entrance and then they ushered me to the right one. Is this their job, I wondered. Was I glad that I have such a bad orientation, so that they had something to do. I greeted them every morning and laughed, because, I left the house usually after 12 a.m. and said "Good morning".

It seems to be difficult to feel alone in India.
I loved it to be surrouned with so many different people.
The experience to live in a group and feeling free to do what I want was very new to me.


Anna said...

Life in the West - we're all lonely, at heart... that's why we search all our lives.

Ursula said...

The life style is totally different. Slowly I get used to the Western life style again.

Finally I am convinced that everybody shall have his own flat. But this also means that people are more often alone......

Anitha said...

Hi Ursula,

If we think from " we cann't be alone in India" perspective, it feels better. But the very thought of 2 people standing on your feet in a crowded bus/ Train (This really puts me off), crowded malls makes me think countries with lesser population are much better.

Ursula said...

Hi Anitha,

I know what you are talking about. I usually get crazy when I am downtown on a Saturday when everybody is downtown, too.

Nevertheless I have the feeling in India the people are more attentive towared the others, than it is the case here. They are perhaps used to it.

Of course I don't like it when someone steps on my feet.

Greetings from Germany