Friday, October 02, 2009

At Ramesh Balsekars home

This morning the family and people who knew Ramesh met at Rameshs house to say good-bye and to pray together.
On the floor of the living room were cushions where the numerous people sat already when we arrived. The coming together was filmed. People told stories about Ramesh. Poems were recited. Two people chanted. Many had a personal story to tell regarding an encounter with Ramesh.
One man told that he was searching for about 30 years till he finally found answers in Rameshs teachings. Tears here and there. Nevertheless in total it was a joyful meeting, because we all were so thankful that we came in touch with Ramesh or his teaching or both.
Many people knew each others for years from the satsangs with Ramesh. Hugs everywhere.
Everybody got a gift at the end: A picture of Ramesh, some sweets, a DVD and all the books were given away as a present for the visitors.

Another example for the generosity of the family is that I could take pictures of the home. I also asked if I were allowed to publish them on my blog and I got the allowance. Thank you.


Tracy said...

what pure love~

Anna said...

A wonderful experience Ursula: India really exercises the spirit. I am about to start dear old Ramesh's Confusion No More.

Ursula said...

It's all amazing here Tracy.

You will love this book Anna.

Greetings from Mumbai