Friday, September 04, 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the rhythm of my life.... going faster and faster.
A few surya namaskaras were done this morning. That was it.
I have to leave the home earlier today to pick up the "Krapfen" for my colleagues. I'll invite them to a second sweet breakfast.
I have found 2 small presents for my favourite colleagues. For S I have patchouly parfum, that I put in one of these present paper boxes. I know she will love it. For N I have a tiny Ganesha, who shall remove obstacles in business for her and paper handkerchiefs with parrots on it, that shall make her laugh. I know she will love it, too.

I have not much time to organize my trips, I must think of so many things.
I also need Rupees - a few at least. I have to order it.
My life became busy, exciting.

I will dress blue jeans today as my colleagues like me in blue jeans. I will also dress a brown silk blouse and a brown jacket. This is a good outfit for a last working day. Half of me is still at the job, the other half enjoys already the pastime.

I have one and a half day to organize a lot. On Sunday we (E and me) will travel to France for a week.
I feel loved from life.


Tracy said...

you ARE loved from Life~~~ have a wonderful time U!

Ursula said...

Thank you Tracy,
My, everything is so exciting and fresh again.

xx U