Saturday, September 19, 2009

Warm-up time

Out of the bed and dynamic meditation: I need some time between. Looking outside the window I realize that I am in the countryside. It's all green here. I've already put on some yoga clothes, have springled some water into my face, have brushed my teeth, only the black coffee is missing. From 8 o'clock on breakfast (and coffee) is served. This is too late for me as we start at 7:30.
So first the Dynamic Meditation, then breakfast (and coffee).
At 10 we will start with.......let's see if it will be writing. "Have no wishes, have no expectation", I heard yesterday during our relaxation trip. Curiousity is my main feeling.


Anonymous said...

Oh cool...are you doing Osho's Dynamic Meditation? It's so awesome!

Love the photo of you at the top of your blog :) You are so petite!

Have a great time!

Sabine said...

Ursula, I love your blog -- it's the best yoga blog our there! I just started doing yoga again after years away from it and you're very inspiring. Good luck with your writing!

Ursula said...

Thank you, thank you......

kiss, kiss to both of you.

Must go to bed now. I have a great time here. Buh.