Sunday, September 20, 2009


No, today I don't want coffee. The dynamic meditation is so exhausting. To jump up and down and to have coffee in the stomach would be a disaster. Yesterday I felt so sick after this phase. I even had to sit down. The stomach hurt. I even feared I had to vomit. But soon I recovered. Today I want to work even more with my voice. Screaming while beating a cushion has something relieving (at the end). The eye blind helps to be even a bit more crazy than usual. :)

After lunch we met again. We lay down and J. read us a text by Henry Miller on writing. We laid on our mats. In that position it was even relaxing to concentrate on the spoken words. One picture I remember: Henry compared his writing as fruits that he gave.

Writing has surely therapeutic effects. It is a technique to reflect over oneself, to get to know oneself, perhaps even to free oneself. Also if I do nothing else but writing a blog and my private journal it's good to learn how to express myself so that it is understandable. This is the art. To write that other understand what is written.

I talk so much during lunch that I forget to eat. I've probably lost already some pounds, and the buffet is most delicious here.

Again I'm curious what will happen today.......

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