Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up, later as planned

But I have this black instant coffee next to me and I need this black poison more than ever. When I wake up here my whole body is sticky. Today I first went to the shower to refresh me a bit. So I'm up to 4 showers a day. No wonder that the authorities cut water 20%.

Nevertheless there should be time for my daily yoga practice. Second series, today.

Perhaps the following things will happen:

- seeing the man with the 33 cats

- seeing this wonderful woman who invited us in her home

- going to Taj Mahal hotel for dinner

- seeing A when she will have time

- going to a yoga studio here

- making a day trip to Ganeshpuri Ashram (as recommended by a reader).

As usual, I don't set up a schedule here, things will happen.

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