Sunday, September 27, 2009

Under the sky, on the roof

This is my yoga place on a roof in Mumbai, close to the sea. After my little yoga teaching (or was I the student???) I practiced on my own. Second series only today till laghu vajrasana.
And, what a surprise: I was able to come up from this last pose laghu vajrasana. I didn't repeat it.
I also tried (a bit) to come up from urdhva dhanurasna. I tried to freeze my movements. I tried to come up slowly without rocking wildly forwards and backwards.
It's absolutely necessary to get up early. To practice under the sun is not so good, shadow is needed.
M was great. I taught her the first surya namaskara a. It was enough. It is important to know exactly what to say. One cannot be precise enough. We finished with salamba sarvangasana and the three sitting positions. 5 min relaxation ended the session.

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