Friday, September 25, 2009

Tomato pav bajhi

My first lunch here: tomato pav bajhi. It was very spicy, I had 2 pieces of naan bread with it and a warm Coca Cola. Oh, I loved this food. The little restaurant was a recommendation by R. She spent the afternoon and evening with me and showed me everything, where to draw money, where to buy vegetables, oils. What would I do without her. I hold her hand when we cross the street. The traffic is as expected chaotic, to use a modest work what's going on here in the streets. This evening we were out in a restaurant. We left some food. She said to the waiters to pack it. Later she gave it to some poor people in the street.
And she knows all the wonderful shops. During lunch time I read in my book "clutter buster" that things make not happy. This book is written by a man. Things make happy. I found such a lovely blouse today.

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