Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another yoga practice

It is always good to practice, also after an exhausting practice the day before. The body is a bit stiff first, but to stretch dissolves the tightness from the day before.

One thing I don't want to do anymore: To practice and to take pictures. It interrupts my practice enormously. Then I want to check the picture I have taken, then I don't like it and I want to do another shot. When I want to see my pictures I have to get my glasses. Then I don't like the clothes I have put on and I search more beautiful ones. And so on.

I was shocked when I saw pictures of myself doing hanumanasana. The hips were not parallel and I am still far away from the floor. I thought I would be much much closer.

Pashasana: I found something that is very helpful. With the position of the head I can balance. When I go back with the heels I bring my head forward. That way I could remain in the position and I didn't role backwards.
Usthrashana: I used the leg muscles all the time.
Laghu vajrasana: I managed it to come up. This was really the highlight today. I pressed the shins and feet into the floor as much as I could. Only for a fracture of a second my head touched the floor. My knees separated when I came up, but it's done. It's hard, but I will be able to repeat this.
Urdhva dhanurasana: No difference to yesterday. I stretched first before I dropped back and I tried to use my leg muscles all the time, hips should go forward and upwards. Practice and all is coming, I think.

Good that I practiced even though I do not have much time. I must prepare my trip to the north of Germany. I still need a birthday present for my mother, so I must go downtown. Buh.

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