Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Satyananda (alias Jörg Elten) and the creative writing workshop

"She is a nuclear power plant on two legs," he spoke about his grandchild, a little girl from Pakistan adopted by his daughter and her husband. He taught us to use metaphors, but he has the best. It's a pleasure to listen to him and he has so many stories. His stories allow to look behind the curtains as he travelled the world as a journalist.

We had a young man in the group, 18 years old. He was a very nice guy. We had the topic "lust". Yes, it is difficult to write about such a topic with 18 and as a man. So J. (the name is changed)had a writing blockade. "You are in best society," S. said. "There was a top journalist at the best German news magazin and from one day to the other he couldn't write anymore. They paid him his salary 2 further years only in the hope that he could write again. But he couldn't. What if you would write about your blockade. Or simply take a topic that is not given. Write about what you want." Also for us "older" writers it was not easy to write something and to read it aloud to a group of people. I've never done this before. And I wanted to read my stuff in front of the group. Satyananda created an atmosphere that made everything possible. He was a star journalist, wrote bestseller, with 82 he is a most lively man, with a sensitivity and experience that allows him to open up 70 year old writers and 18 year old ones. Thank you, I think, thank you.

I know I also have German readers. Satyananda's workshop are best. Go.
Start reading his books and then go to the workshop. Any questions?


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Debb said...

I will be traveling vicariously to India through your blog, Ursula..

Although I know we should not have expectations about any experience in life, I hope for you that your experience in India fills you full to overflowing with vitality, compassion, and courage so you may continue to share with us..

Ursula said...

Thank you both.

My PC will travel with me. And I was told I've wifi where I live.

Oh, it is all so exciting.