Monday, September 28, 2009

R's birthday party

Ah, swimming at night in a pool in Mumbai, R's party couldn't start better. We met at the club. The air was warm, so was the water, salty was the water. I loved to swim. And afterwards we had a wonderful dinner. I had asparagus salad, but fish and chips were offered,too. The guests came from so many places of this world: Australia, India, Brasil, Netherlands, Germany. One person was nicer than the other. Ramesh and his teaching connects us.

And at the end we had this most delicious birthday cake. Everybody got a piece in her/his hand. I devoured every little piece of it and then I licked my fingers clean. Ah, so good.

We have a new member in our little community here. A man from the Netherlands arrived this afternoon. He plans to stay for a few days here.

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