Friday, September 25, 2009

Pearls of sweat

Pearls of sweat were running down my little white body and tickled me between my breasts and on my back. OK, I could have also have decided to write "wet clothes" as a title. But the creative writing workshop is still too fresh: pearls of sweat sounds so much better than wet clothes.
Warning: For those who read during office times, it is possible that my texts become a bit juicier as usual. Better to read my blog at home. But this is not a promise. Hahahaha. I am on vacation in India and full of energy. I practiced Ashtanga yoga in the living room - full first series, full vinyasa, and second series till laghu vajrasana. As already mentioned, even me, I sweat here, the climate makes my body soft, a wonderful experience.
The book "Clutter buster" is obviously too thin to hold me when I do pashasana, I rolled back. Tomorrow I will use "Yoga school drop out". It's thicker. I always travel with a library.
Laghu vajrasana: I couldn't come up, but I tried, oh I fought, but it didn't happen.

The young lady here in the house was sweeping the floor around my yoga mat and a bit she was cleaning also my yoga mat with her broom while I was practicing. Focus, focus, focus, I thought. Oh, she has wonderful black hair. I love this black hair that is blacker than black.

And when breathing is important, it is worth doing pranayama. I did it.
Then I meditated for 10 minutes, I feel full of energy, but relaxed at the same time. And suddenly I felt a pearl, a last pearl of sweat was running down my exhausted body, tickling me..........

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Anna said...

That is SO india - the cleaning around you unconcerned! I love it.