Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On the road again.

Trapped between steelplate several hours of my precious life were stolen. We stood in a traffic jam. "Is this a good beginning", I wondered.

I carressd his paunch while he sat bored in front of the wheel. I mumbled "wealth, luck and beauty". I learned this technique in Hongkong. A belly is absolutely necessary....Or is this a good beginning.

Kruzifix, verdammte, Scheiße, damned, shit, crap. Perhpas to curse gets attention?

Ah, I simply love to write.

And now I am at home, busy, busy again. The washing machine is working. I have to pick up a book from the mail station. I have to buy a swatch. The suitcase is already unpacked. I'm in a hurry. More of that interesting stuff later........:)

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