Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Ramesh Balsekar

A few days ago I met some people during lunch time: We talked about Ramesh. Ramesh has had an open house. People from all over the world could come to see him from the early morning till midnight to ask questions. He was available for everybody, who wanted to see him. It was very easy. The address is known. One only had to go to his home, ring the bell and one was welcomed. It was not necessary to make an appointment or a phone call in advance. Ramesh was available for everybody any time.
R said to me that a relative of Ramesh told her: And the German woman was the last one who came and could see him.


Anna said...

That's something special that you will carry through your life. (And he heard you thank him.) Incredible.

Tracy said...

I agree with Anna..10000%.
Incredible is right.....
this was your destiny my friend and quite the gift were Blessed, Big Time~ xo