Saturday, September 19, 2009


In Germany is a sea, too: the Ostsee
After lunch we drove with the car to the Ostsee. The weather was perfect, a hot summer day. We were armed with a pen and a paper. The task was to observe people and to write down what we observe. 45 % of a good piece is good observance. To look closely, to zoom, to see trifles is something one can learn. The first 2 sentences must be exciting, they invite to go on reading.

A German publisher once said: A good story starts with an earthquake and then the story escalates.

A good text must flow.

It's the first time that I read my text loudly in front of a group and I wasn't shy at all. I even wanted to read. I feel lightness. Writing comes easy, too. There is flow during the day, the group is very open and emotional, honest. There were even tears already. Not mine. J put Kleenex next to the chair where the one sat who read his text.

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