Monday, September 07, 2009

Neuchatel, à l'hotel "Beau rivage"

We made it till Switzerland yesterday and spent the night at one of these luxury hotels, that makes you think you are in paradise.
And why had I such a painful practice this morning? Were the 2 glasses of Chardonnay too much? I had a salad as a starter and vegetables as a main course. It is nice that I always want to have an extra sausage, means that I have to communicate that I am vegan. That way I have to start speaking French again. I love this language. And it is coming again, not everything is forgotten.
Back to my yoga practice this morning. It was hard, so hard. But I did it. I even lifted myself up into urdhva dhanurasana and I dropped back once. Am I a masochist, I wondered? Nobody has always good practices, but must a practice be so awful like this morning? I am proud of myself that I struggled myself through all the asanas of the first series.

We are already in Lyon at ibis this time. But they have wifi for free. Hahahaha. I drove the car, I sweated, but it was nice to drive. I become again a bit more self-confident, that me too can drive a car.
Time to relax. I'm so looking forward to having lunch in one of these small French restaurants here. Of course I will drink red wine. Of course.


Anonymous said...

Hey Switzerland must be beautiful --- I liked the whole to Europe when I travelled ...
Your yoga blog has been so inspiring.

I really appreciate the way u are so detached -- with regards to work--- it comes from long and tough practice and I am sure you will bounce back in ur career too and it that wudnt be too tough..Mental toughness, detachment, self restraint cometh to great people and you are one of the few blessed who gets to reach your spiritual goals and losing materialistic things will not really matter to yoginis cos we can always gain them back-- Am I correct ? :)

Ursula said...

You are correct.

It is easier to upgrade life than to downgrade it. I know of what I'm speaking. But I really like the whole scenery of life.

We must goooooooo........