Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Les boulangeries en France - les baguettes

"Do you still like to work?" I asked him (E.) during lunch. He nodded. He is working more than 20 years for one company, but in rather interesting and alternating jobs, which included meeting lively people and a lot of travelling around the world. E showed me the world. I thank him very much for this. "If you wrote an autobiography your job would be a main topic, wouldn't it?" I said. He agreed. I'm sure I gave him also some other ideas what can be done in life: reading i.e..

I wondered what would be my main topic when I wrote an autobiography. No, this is not planned, my blog is enough. But what is the topic of my life. It's not my jobs, I cannot even remember all of them. I fear it's to liberate myself, to become independant. But to become free of what, to become independant from whom? Finally I have to admit when half of my life is already over (some people think I'm optimistic here), that I cannot free myself:
I quote Ramesh Balsekar "Who cares?" page 53: Freedom from the sense of personal doership means loss of freedom for the ego. And that is the confusion, because there is still this identification of the ego with this body-mind organism called Ashika. The ego still remains and feels terribly restricted."

Shall I wake him up and motivate him to go out for a walk? Let's see.

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Anna said...

I am with you on this Ursula - at 53 I see my life as just a little past half over :-))