Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Le petit déjeuner

This with a cup of black coffee I enjoyed this morning, a little sin, because I am on vacation. :)
I love "la France". When here I always get the impression that people work because they want to live. In Germany I think we work as end in itself.
The cars are smaller as in Germany, much smaller, but the restaurants are crowded.
When we checked in yesterday at ibis !, they offered us to change the 2 beds to one, because they realized that we were a couple. Such a profound understanding of human nature does not happen everywhere in that world.
Of course I could have this coffee before the regular breakfast. Needs re food shall be fulfilled here in France. My vegan dinner yesterday was great, too. Waiters are astonished that I don't eat meat (not at all), but what is possible is always done to satisfy my needs.

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