Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Indian visa

In full length I will write about my 3rd Indian trip (the first one 28 years ago, the second one last year and this one now). To apply for a visa is part of travelling to India. It depends on the attitude if this is considered as an annoying duty or simply as something that is part of the trip. Travelling means to have it not as comfortable as at home, it means often organisational work in advance, during the trip and afterwards. I don't care. It is part of the trip.
This time I'm already more experienced than the last time. I made a wire transfer for the fee. The embassy does not accept cash in the envelop. I filled in the form, which is available online. Two photos were found that had to be attached to the form. That was it. It took me more than 1 hour. I walked to the post office and now I can wait till I get the passport back with the Indian visa stamp in it. I play it safe. In case that anything is wrong with my application, I can still go to the embassy in person in more than a week or so. The visa is important.

How to tell it to the parents or what made me laugh out loud today and I must still laugh: My parents do not yet know that I will go to India again. I planned to tell it to them in the very last minute, that is when I come back from my creating writing class from the north of Germany, 2 days before my departure. They will be against it, I know it. They will even try to make me stop going with all possibilities parents think they have.
I will tell them: "E. gave me a present." I will smile over both ears. I will make a long break, to give them room to think what it could be. After a long while I will say: "E gave me a trip to India as a present." Hahahahahaha. They cannot say to E what he shall give me. They will realize at once that it was not E's idea to send me to India, but that he is so nice to support me. But they cannot say anything. Hahahahahaha.
They cannot give up to tell me how I shall live my life. I don't like this at all. I am very happy about my solution. I will have fun.


Maya Ahu said...

Great! I wish all goes smoothly for your third trip to India!!!

Ursula said...

Oh, it is all again so exciting. Thank you for your wishes.
Life happens.

Anna said...

Don't you love going to the post office? It is one of my favourite things to do. It always means I have accomplished some task and it's on its way! I skip out of the post office!

Ursula said...

I love to go to the post office. I usually walk to it, it's 20 min or so. I make a ritual out of it. :)