Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Italy already

For long long hours we sat in the car. And now we are glad that we have found a hotel room close to the Lago di Garda, Italy. E removed the bedspread and saw that the white linen had wrinkles.
He: "This is not fresh."
Me laughing. I couldn't see any body hair of the guests before us, so I don't care.
So it is when travelling, not everything is perfect.
The dominating color of this tiny hotel room is red, it looks forbidden, Catholic.
Oh, I've found a place where I can role out my yoga mat. That's always my main issue when staying somewhere overnight. It's a wooden floor here (deep red), this is much better than these carpets and behind the front door is an aisle that is long and wide enough for my sticky mat.
We are waiting (blogging, emailing) till it's time to go out for dinner. Salad and pasta and red wine is on my mind. A last time I will drink red wine before I will return to a diet without alcoholic beverages.

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