Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm up, drinking coffee - I'll give my first yoga class on a roof in Mumbai

I sip my hot coffee. M is up, too. She is drinking coffee, too. At 7:30 we'll go up on the roof and practice yoga. I hope she will love it. Not to overteach is also important. I'm curious.


akvenugopal said...

Coffee is not good for health. It interferes with the absorption of vitamins in the body. You may Google and get much more details. For a die hard Yoga practitioner Coffeee, Tea, tobacco and all intoxicants are taboo. Food should be Sathwic. Only vegetarian food is recommended.

Ursula said...

The mind all knows this.

But the Source still wants me to drink coffee.

What can I do???? Wink.