Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm obviously on vacation

I had set the alarm clock at 6, I switched it off in the morning as if this has nothing to do with me. I'm out of routine. Hahahaha. I simply need my cup of black coffee first before anything else can happen. Ah, always this addiction. We have had ordered breakfast here at ibis. Till 10 they serve it. We are almost in a hurry as E is not yet showered. I am showered, at least this I've done. I am on vacation. I bowed forward to see how flexible the body is today. Oh and it was awful. So breakfast first, then we will stay at the hotel for a while as E has to work for a few hours. This is my time for yoga and writing and reading. 4 hours till we will be at the coast. So today I will see the sea. Hurraayyyy.

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