Thursday, September 17, 2009

If this helps??? Or what have my parents to do with my nipples.

"Squeeze your own nipples until they almost hurt but are still tingling with pleasure. You can actually do this, or simply imagine it, or have your trusted lover pinch your nipples so hard they are on the verge of hurting but you are still mostly feeling pleasure. ...........Offer this feeling in your nipples to everyone who has ever hurt you in any way, in gratitude for the opportunity to learn to give the pleasure from your nipples instead of the pain from your memory."
(Instant enlightenment, fast, deep and sexy by David Deida, page 73 ff.)

If this helps in relationship to my parents, who have difficulties to accept boundaries and who always want to interfere in my life? It this exercise will help?
Till now they do not know about my Indian trip. They get crazy when they learn about it. This morning I had a phone call with my mother. The son of a former colleague of my father was on a hunting trip in Siberia. There the hut where they had slept was lit. He and 3 other guys burnt in the fire. And I want to go to India, this is almost the same. "Not everybody likes to sit on the sofa for the entire life," I answered. "You can be killed everywhere," I continued and reminded of the last crime that happened in the underground in Munich. My parents think there are safer places in the world than Siberia and everybody should look for a safe place. The safer the better. My parents drive me crazy. Perhaps I drive them crazy, too, because I do not sit on the sofa all the time (on their sofa would be best). I will tell them via phone 1 day before my departure to Inida about my trip. I hope nothing slips out of my mouth earlier. They will never learn to accept me. They will always try to manipulate me. They will always try to interfere into my life.

"Great spiritual beings love so much it hurts. You can, too. Start with your nipples."
(Instant enlightenment, fast, deep and sexy by David Deida, page 76 ff.)


Chakra said...

Hi, I live in India and I am really delighted by the excitement you have shown about your India trip. Wish you all the best! Chakra

Anonymous said...

PG please! Some of us still have an office job.

Ursula said...

Hi Chakra,
I love to travel to India. It shows me that there can be another view on so many things of life.

So, you are right, I'm very excited re my third trip.


Ursula said...

Hahahaha, at the office, but reading my blog........I won't comment this.

I don't know what PG means, I usually don't use abbreviations, I like the words in their full length.

I wish you an enlightened office day. Perhaps your colleague has read my blog, too.......hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

That's not very nice of you.

Ursula said...

Oh, I'm very nice. :)

Anonymous said...

PG - rating for movies in the States - means Parental Guidance (!) I read your blog at work, too. Blessings to you - M

Ursula said...

Thank you for telling me what PG is and for the blessings.

It is a compliment for me when your work is so boring that you prefer reading my blog.

Have a great time.


janu said...

Lucky you going to India...hope you enjoy my country...I live in Italy and haven't visited home for more then two years...Miss my family and friends so much.