Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I observed that my body was stiff and lazy today

And I was entertained about that fact.
This does not mean that nothing happened. I did the surya namaskaras A and even 2 surya namaskaras B. I did some asanas of the standing sequence and even a short closing sequence. When doing halasana my body was not yet really soft, it hurt a bit to be in that position. My right shoulder hurts a bit, too, whyever. What counts is, that I was on my mat doing asanas, doing vinyasa.

I think a lot about the Advaita philosophy. The opposites will always exist: male - female, darkness - light, ebb - flood, sadness - happiness, and so on. Duality it's called. To fight against this means additional trouble. To be always happy is not possible, but to be in peace with what is, is possible. This includes to accept that sometimes we wish something else would happen.

What else was funny: The boss asked my colleague, if I were very sad that I have to go. My colleague answered: "Not at all, she will be busy with something higher, she will go to India." This made me laugh. I also thought: "Does this boss want me to be sad?" I know to throw someone out of a job or whereever is a power game. It is even more satisfying if the other person is sad about it, then the influence goes even further, the power even touches the feelings of this other person, can change the feelings. But in my case this time this influence was only limited. Quickly I could adjust to the new situation, and I make the best out of it. No, I don't blame others for my feelings. Hah. I see the possibilities that are offered, because my boring job ends.
I observe and I am entertained.

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An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

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