Friday, September 25, 2009

I just woke up in Mumbai

Being in Mumbai during September is like being in a sauna that one cannot leave. I had nothing to cover my body during the night. It was not necessary. The warm thick air laid on my body like a cover. I slept very well laying on my bed dressed only with my pink piyama bought in the childrens departemant. My skin is moist. I'm a bit sweating obviously.

All the doors are open here during the day. Only who wants to be alone closes them. This community that lives in this huge beautiful flat consists of M and the husband, the son, a woman responsible for the cooking and cleaning, a chauffeur, R. from Australia and me.
Yes, I'm up. I hear the first voices coming from a balcony and R seems to wake up, too.

And now I'm in search of my first coffee here. Smile.

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