Saturday, September 26, 2009

I got the message

I was told yesterday by R that it is wished that we have finished our yoga practices in the living room by 9:30. I practiced till after 10. So the cleaning lady wanted me to go out of the living room. That's why she was sweeping around my mat. Fine, I understood. Yesterday I've found another place to practice: The roof.
Imagine: I can do my yoga practice in the middle of Mumbai on a roof, seeing the sea on one side and the highrises around me. The roof has a very well-groomed mosaic floor. I will be alone there. It's possible that R will join me. This is simply too much, it cannot be better. In my boldest dreams I couldn't create such a place. I'm happy, excited, all the positive feeling show up at once.

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alice said...

How lovely! that rooftop sounds amazing. I love hearing about India, I hope to make it there one day... sooner than later.