Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I can hear the sea

We arrived at the Mediterranean sea. I can hear the waves, it's a wonderful sound. It's sunny here, I have wifi. Ha. The balcony opens to the sea that is a few steps away. Two days we will stay here to relax and to enjoy the luxury life at the coast in the south of France.
This hotel room has room enough for my yoga mat, but perhaps I will find a place more close to the water. That would be great. It's still too hot to practice.


mangotree said...

HI Ursula,
sounds like you are having a really nice trip,
you are really lucky to have E in your life
Enjoy the sea, the sounds and the views, how it feels on the skin!

Ursula said...

Hi Fatou,

It is true, we have a really nice trip. E and me, we love the south of France.

And yes, we enjoy the company of each other E and me.

Have a wonderful time, too.

Greetings from France.