Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am on my knees

The sun came out from time to time, from time to time a fresh breeze cooled my body. I inhaled deeply the salty air. This morning I practiced on the roof of this house.
Today I did the first series, without ambition, I only practiced, enjoyed the place and the air, the solitude, the sea. Of course I had to drop back today.
Then the sun became hotter and I knew that I have to get up earlier when I want to practice in the shadow on that roof.
Time to watch videos by Balsekar. My friends R from Australia and A from Italy sit already in front of the TV on the floor of course.
(Picture of the roof follow, I so miss my big camera)


Anna said...

Life is great if we get out the way! Imagine, if things had gone as you had planned, you would have been sitting now in that accounting room with those fighting accountants :-)

Ursula said...

With each and every inhaling I'm conscious of this. I know that I would have to send a bunch of flowers to that company for giving me free.....

And all is happening.:)