Friday, September 18, 2009

From heart to heart

If you want to write a page-turner you must write from heart to heart.
In order to be able to write lively, you must be lively, were one of the key words I remember from J's introduction. We sat in a circle on chairs when we introduced each other. In the middle was a bunch of red flowers.

And as liveliness is so important we started our creative working workshop dancing in the room above. The music had rhythm, but also long melodies that seduced me sometimes to follow the rhythm and sometimes to follow the slow melody with slow movements. Ah, the body.

We are seven people 3 men and 4 women (from all ages and every possible profession), J. and M. We cannot be differently. And we all like to express ourselves via the word, sentences. That's exciting.
One thing I can already say: I love to be here, exactly here I want to be now and I'm so curious to get to know my fellow writers, I'm so curious what will happen tomorrow.
I am also relieved that we get topics to write about. The approach to writing via dancing is a surprise.
The hotel here is beautiful, the food excellent (only vegetarian food is offered). My creative writing workshop couldn't start better.
In the morning we will do the dynamic meditation at 7:30. Time to shower, time to sleep to be fit.


nappper said...

Gosh, I have always wanted to go to a workshop like that ... please tell us more ... keep it coming... Thank you.

Ursula said...

Me, too. And now I am here.

We will write a lot tomorrow, I am sure. I will find time to update my blog. So, enjoy.