Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The effects of the writing workshop

Writing my 3 morning pages was sort of washing my soul. I wrote down what came to my mind without thinking too much. This morning I thought: Write it as a story what comes to mind. Make a story out of the thoughts that occupy the mind. This is so much more fun and creates a healthy distance. Describe what is, not so many interpretations are necessary. To go to a meta-level, reflexions are surely part of a private jounal, too. What happened really, how does it look like are surely good questions to transform a jounal from "just notes" and "reflexions" to a journal that contains stories, descriptions that are fun reading also after years.
So far I do not reread my private journal, nor my blog. I simply have no time for it. I write it and then away with my words and sentences. But perhaps one day, when I will be over 90.....:)

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