Tuesday, September 08, 2009

E, the photographer

Why not focus on parts of me???
We arrived at Aix en Provence. It took us the afternoon to get there. We underestimated how long we have to drive till we are in the south of France. The weather is beautiful, means hot. The sun is shining. Music in the car entertained us.

We've found a stay for the night. It's quiet here, which is most important. Not each hotel room is so nice like the one we had in our first night. Here we'll have to get used to the smoke in the room, as it is a smokers' room. It was the last vacant room. So it's all fine.

Perhaps I even convince myself to role out the mat here between bed and desk to do some yoga. Let's see, it would be good.


Anna said...

Beautiful photo of you! By the way it is "quiet" :-)

Ursula said...

I will forward this compliment to him, he will love it.
Thank you, the word quiet is also one of the words I always confuse. I try to remember.....