Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The club and good morning, another day in India, day 7

The club: Here we sat yesterday and had our pizza and red wine and discussions on Rameshs teachings. I remember one sentence: "Work is part of it (of life)". Ramesh must have said it once. M has a very practical approach to life: "Only sitting around and calling friends to ask: how are you and then they tell you that everything is OK, is boring." How true. "Money must come in." Also true. "You meet people when you work." Also true. Without work, me too, I have a very positive opinion on work. :)
So far I have not yet reflected on my further working activities. I hope there comes an enlightenment, hahahahaha. I relax from everything, I enjoy the company of people, I enjoy the Indian lifestyle. All the impressions must sink in.

Before I do anything in the morning I jump under the shower. Also today I woke up sweaty and sticky. We have 3 bathrooms in the house. There is room enough for everybody to shower.
R and D and M have left the house already. But I'm not alone. I love it to live in a community. Even though not alone I feel free to do what I want. I even walk around in my pyjama in the morning. The young lady who helps with everything made me one of the really good chais today. It was sweet and hot, very Indian.

At 9 a lady is coming for satsang. We'll listen to a DVD with Ramesh. I plan to practice in my room today. There is this huge mirror and it can be helpful perhaps to see me doing the asanas. That way I also do not miss the lady.

All the time something is going to happen.......

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