Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be attentive

I am experienced enough to know that after a break of 4 days the body has tightened and therefore it is easy to overstretch. With care and attentiveness I moved my body through the 79 asanas of the first Ashtanga series. Ahhhh, so good. I sweated.

No highlights happened, but I expected this. I was not in a valley today, but I know that those who practice when it's not so super good, will finally be able to master the asanas, also the most challenging ones. Finally the breath will become deeper and deeper, finally the practice can be experienced as a meditation practice: awareness on the mat, awareness off the mat.

Next time I will practice in India.
Next 3 steps:
I want to elect by mail.
I must call the tax office and beg for being allowed to postpone my tax declaration. Grghhh.
Chores, chores, chores, I want that E feels good here alone without me.

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