Friday, September 11, 2009

And as I like fiction...

I make everything a bit more mysterious.


Anonymous said...

Really Ursula...I see you as a writer and a yoga teacher. Think about it :) You do both really well, you have passion for why not?

Ursula said...

Thank you, anonymous.
In order to be a good yoga teacher, I'm too tiny. I don't want to ruin my back.

I try it with writing. To fail is not so awful (I already know how this goes), to do nothing is disappointing and frustrating.

Of course I love feed-back of such kind. Sometimes others have a clearer view.

Anonymous said...

LOL Ursula...being a yoga teacher really doesn't have anything to do with size at all! You don't even have to demonstrate every pose all the time. It's about being passionate about yoga and expressing it to students. I have been a yoga teacher for 8 years now. I am almost 52 and I don't have anywhere near a true "yoga body" but that's never mattered. I do Ashtanga 5 days a week and teach 5 classes a week too and my back is fine :)
Anyway you should think about don't have to TEACH ashtanga necessarily.
Have a great weekend!