Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's worth living?

It's people, people, people, meaningful relationships, intimacy, sex, being active, being curious, being creative, doing yoga, expressing myself in what way ever.

I love to be with people, but I also love to be with myself alone. It is like vinyasa and asana. Doing vinyasa is like being with people and doing asanas is like being alone. I need both.
Music and silence, both is beautiful.

Soon my job is over. My colleague is soooo sad, every day I see her tears. I console her. I'm showered in love. "You give without wanting something in return," she told me lately. Might it be true or not, these are simply most beautiful moments in a work environment that is not so uplifting.


Tracy said...

there is always someone..when you least expect it..who will make you feel the Love~
that is nice!
You have a true friend in her U~
how many more days now???
;~) xxx

Ursula said...

Yes Tracy she really loves me. It is so amazing how many similarities we have in our biography. We understand each other really well even though she is 23, and I am 50. We are both a bit adventurous and love our independance and liberty.
She is a very nice woman.

mangotree said...

What your colleague said about you is a most wonderful compliment. It is great that you have made such a friend at work.