Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend is over....

..and I have to leave my cosy home again, I have to present myself again to the public, but not via a movie, but in person.
This morning I wrote the last page in one of my thick journals. The journal has started 11th May this year and it ended today, it can be called a summer journal. It is full of almost everything that life has to offer. Erotic moments happened as well as disappointments,sadness, aggression, but also accomplishments. The highlight of this summer surely was that I managed it to drop back into urdhva dhanurasana. I couldn't imagine that this pose was possible for me. I see that my limits are still too narrow. More is possible than I often think. I have developed new plans, fun events are on my schedule. The next highlight will be the little party at the end of August. It's half time in my job that must be celebrated with my colleagues. It is good at the job for the time being, but I know that it was awful. I stumbled over emails where I wrote "Greetings from the hell". This tells me that I had tough times there. It is almost forgotten. My life gives me the opportunity to search for appropriate approaches to so many events that are brought to me. It gives me the opportunity to experience myself, to feel alive.

I practiced this morning Ashtanga yoga. As I was too late on my mat I had only time for the standing asanas and a few quick closing asanas. I enjoyed what I did. Not the slightest wish came up to take a picture or even a movie.

Plans for this evening:
- looking for a stand for my camera
-picking up a book
- ironing and vacuuming
- going on with my taxes (this filming adventure during the weekend absorbed all my time. Oh, I have found again an excuse for not having done my tax duties. But I have started........)

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