Saturday, August 15, 2009

To walk around mindlessness

To concentrate on the breath, to concentrate on the gap between inhaling and exhaling can relax the mind.
To focus on looking at a flower, doing nothing else but this, can relax the mind.
Sooner or later the mind will get back to its activities, its business, its producing thoughts, one after the other. These upcoming thoughts are not the truth, but it is so damned easy to confuse them with the truth. To see this is in my view more important than the desperate effort not to think at all all the time. This seems impossible for me and not desirable either. Even when we sleep the mind produces thoughts in form of dreams. To arrive again and again in the presence, yes that's it and then the game can begin again. "Where are you again, crazy mind."
Why not make the best out of the current moment, only this moment exists. "This is my life now this is it", I thought last Friday and to make this moment a bit more lively I asked my colleague if she liked it if I read her a short chapter of the book by Elten. I wanted to read for her the moment where Elten met Osho. She was enthusiastic. So Elten walked towards Osho, who opened his arms: "Here are you at last", he said and smiled stunningly and fondly. "I have been waiting and waiting...." (freely translated).
Me to my colleague: Did you like it?
She, laughing: Yes very much.


Anna said...

It's = it is
its thoughts doesn't need a '

English lessons free to Ursula ha ha!
Your cyber friend, Anna!

Ursula said...

Oh thank you.
I know that you know that I appreciate these free lessons very much......:), my cyber friend.