Sunday, August 02, 2009

There is a secret connection between hanumanasana and all the back bending

After prasarita padottanasana I do hanumanasana, sidewards and forward. I integrated this pose when I practice alone, what I do most of the time. Today I modified my exercise a bit. The sticky mat is not helpful when doing this pose. So I did this posees on the carpet, so that my feet could slide easily. Gravity is very helpful.

Till yesterday I put a block under my body so that I could relax when in that pose. The harmstrings were stretched deeply, but that way I couldn't get deeper into the pose. Today I put a block beside each side of my body to put my hands on it. That way I could go deeper into the pose. Hanumanasana opens and lengthens the front side of the body, especially the part from the navel on to the thighs. To be flexible here is very supportive when bending backwards.
There is the tendency to bend mostly in the lower back when doing back bending. But this is dangerous. Muscles shall be used when arching back to prevent injuries in the lower back. Bandhas, thighs, buttocks must be in action when arching back. Back bending means stretching the front of the body, opening the chest. Hanumanasana prepares this.

Hanumanasana is a good pre-exercise for opening the front side of the body. I could feel that even when I did upward dog.

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