Sunday, August 30, 2009

A sweaty intensive yoga practice this morning

A practice happened again this morning, a sweaty one, an intensive one. I only worked on the second series as I will go to a led class this evening to see a friend there.

Lately I watched yoga movies on YouTube and I learned some tricks. But one at a time.

Pashasana: I used again my book "Flying solo", put it under my heels and hoped that I wouldn't role back. But I rolled back when I bound on the left side. I should rename my book to "Rolling solo". I repeated this pose twice, but twice I rolled back when practicing the left side. Instead of using a thicker book, I will do more often these pre-exercises, like separating the hands further from the feet when doing downward dog.

Bekasana: Only with the support of B my fingertips can touch the floor. It is a very demanding pose in my opinion.

Ushtrasana: Both hands should touch the feet at the same time. This was the intention today. This had the effect that my hips moved backwards, when I dropped back. Once the hands laid on my feet I pushed the hips forward again so that my upper legs were parallel to the wall.

Lahgu vajrasana: The trick, that helps is to seperate the knees. With knees apart and a very deep inhaling I managed it to come up without cushions under my head. I also did the variation with the support of my cushions. Today I used only 3 cushions. To make it even a bit more difficult I remained for one breath in that pose before I came up. These variations with the knees so far apart and the cushions under my head are not how it is supposed to be, but if it helps to learn this pose, why not.

I also didn't omit relaxing pose at the end. What a nervous being I am. 5 min seemed to be so long for me. Again and again I directed my mind back to the breath.

Pranayama at the end was great. After 3 min I was done with meditation. I had enough.
Oh the shower afterwards was great, especially the cold water at the end refreshed me.

My practice is still improving, I become more flexible and I gain more strength. Progress is slower these days, but I progress. This shall be a motivation for those who are not so young anymore either.

Soooooo hungry now. Buh.

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