Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A sweaty, intensive yoga practice this morning

It was nice, so nice. I sweated and was flexible. Time was limited, once I've started I usually want to go on, but at 7 I have to stop.
Hanumanasana seems to be a key asana for me. It supports utthita hasta padangusthasana, but also urdhva dhanurasana and all the back bending. It lengthens the front side of the body. To breath is important, to relax, then the pose can improve and it did improve already. Like always the breath and to relax is important. Also off the mat.
Yoga is something for a lifetime, there are interim steps like being able to drop back (what I really enjoyed today) but it goes on and on. It can be like a friendship. The direction is important as goals are important. When the direction is clear it can go on after having reached a goal.
Life needn't to become worse, the body needn't to deteriorate with age, year after year. I know about people who lived an active life till the end. Then suddenly it was over. If yoga can do this for me, this would be great. To suffer a decade before death is not something I like. We all can do something that this does not happen. To keep the status quo is also very good, but in my case I still have the feeling that I become stronger and more flexible.

I loved my practice.

My little vain yoga goals: I want to start filming myself, and I like to produce a little photo album with pictures of myself doing yoga. Oh, and this photo album I will show to everybody, to those who like to see it and to those who don't like to see me. I know myself.

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Anna said...

Yes, to "live until you die" is my goal too.