Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suryas and a few standing poses

I am dawdling in the morning. Time slips through my fingers. I was on my mat and did the surya namaskaras A and B. These movements wake me up. They stretch the body forward and backward. Muscles must be used, too. The deep breath supports all this. After years of practicing these suryas I have the feeling that I start understanding them. I will probably say this in a few years, too.
There was also time for a few standing asanas. Lotus pose finished my yoga practice today.
The mind was wandering. Times are exciting again.
Important is that I was on my mat. Psychologically it is important. Even when it was a short practice, it was a practice. This makes it easier to start tomorrow.

7 more days at my job. Yesterday I told my young colleague that I will have to go soon. He was already informed behind my back. I realized this when I saw his reaction. He admitted that he knew it already. Secrets never remain a secret for a long time, not in that company. Nevertheless I wanted to inform him myself before the official letter will be sent out. Yesterday the group had lunch together. The boss cannot look into my eyes. This is strange. I don't think that his decision was a good one, but I'm in peace with it and I am very polite and friendly. It is his job to organize the accounts department, not mine. I can let go of this boring activities that will disqualify me in the long run. There are 3 people that I like especially in that company and I will stay in contact with them. This alone was worth working there. The job itself is most boring. And this makes my last days very long. 7 more days, it is doable.

Fresh mango from pakistan with soy yoghurt will nourish me this morning.

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