Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sooooo goooood, my practice this morning

I practiced the damned 1st series and the second till laghu vajrasana. And now I am done, exhausted, happy and relaxed, too. Buh.

Perhaps I was so motivated because of my little movies. They surely help and inspire me.

Supta kurmasana: I put my leg behind the head today as a preparation exercise. I rolled on my back to have an even deeper stretch and opening of the hip. One must be very carefully when doing this, I already injured once. Today my body was soft, I sweated like in India. This was a sign for me to go deeply into this pose. My leg doesn't stay behind my head, patience is needed.

Pashasana: "Flying solo", this book is thin enough to be a challenge and support. Twice I rolled back, before I managed it to remain in that pose with my heels on that little book. The next steps for this pose are clear. The ankle between upper feet and shin bone must become smaller, till finally the flat feet can be on the floor. Then and only then I can work on grasping the wrist and twist more. The thinner my body is the easier it is to do this pose.

Laghu vajrasana: I had no strength anymore to come up from this pose. I didn't try it with the cushions. Here the next steps are to use the cushions, but to remain for a few breaths there, before coming up again. If this is possible I must try this with 3 cushions. Today was not the day for laghu vajrasana.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I saw in my movie that the feet are still too far away from my hands. In order to come up it makes sense to bring them closer together. My feeling was that they are already very close, the movie told me something else. Here I am working on this.

It is planned to make movies of these poses in a months. I am curious if I can improve these poses.
Today I didn't omit 5 min relaxation at the end. Dreaming happened. When the alarm clock rang I was almost shocked. I was so far away with my thoughts. The shower after the practice was like being in paradise, especially the cold one at the end.
There are still mixed feelings re my job situation. They range from relief till aggression, disappointment, feeling not being understood, joy. More and more I let go. I have mentally finished this activity there. This makes it very difficult to work another 10 days there, but I will go to work there for the last 10 days there - for money reasons. That's how it always was. I will leave a boring job.
It is important now that I focus on my other projects........


staya said...

i read your blog every day, it is really intresting. it was nice that your yoga practise was so good this day, that you sweat like in india.


Ursula said...

Hello staya,
Thanks for reading.

It is still hot here, this makes the body flexible. In addition I am relaxed on Sundays and I have much time. This all helps to make a practice intensive.

Have a happy day.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should consider becoming a yoga teacher :) You'd be a wonderful yoga have such a passion for practice and you are beautiful. Why not? Go to India and get some certification!
I think it's a great thing and even though you may not make a lot of money teaching, you will definitely make some :)

Ursula said...

Thank you Anon for your idea.
It does not fit to me to be a yoga teacher.
The problem with me as a yoga teacher starts as I am rather desinterested in beginners. I even don't like the habit of beginners to know everything.
I also want to make money. Sorry my life style demands for money not only some to survive.
When I can inspire people through my writing I'm more than happy.