Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sometimes I use props

Laghu vajrasana: These are the four thin cushions that I use when I want to come out of this pose. They are soft, so I get rather close to the floor, at least this is my feeling. It is helpful to be able to stretch the front side of the body. Once I was able to come up. The second time I was not so successful. But the approach is good.
After sirsasana I did pincha mayurasana: First I tried it against the wall. It felt good, I had balance and courage and so I tried it in the middle of the room. Firstly I was shy and careful, but soon I became couragous. I went up with the right foot first, the left foot followed, then I did it the other way round, again and again. Ouch, and then I fell over. Shocked. Nothing happened. My shoulder hurt a bit afterwards, but it is already over.
I sweated today. I explored the asanas, body feeling grows. Understanding of the poses growth, too. I enjoyed my practice.
During pranayama I thought of the plum cake that I want to eat.
Meditation was difficult. I watched my alarm clock from time to time. 10 min seemed to be very long.

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