Friday, August 07, 2009

A calm yoga session this morning

How can I be sad for a long time when I have so wonderful friends around the globe.
This is simply not possible.
My practice was calm this morning. I did sun salutations and forward bending. I enjoyed it to sit in lotus pose, right leg first. I bowed forward, front relaxed on the floor. My body was transparent, flexible, soft, a perfect instrument for the Source to play with.

The small suitcase shall be enough for my little weekend trip. I will travel with my journal, but not with my PC. My camera will come with me. We will make a tour across the German countryside in a covered wagon with horses in front of the wagon. After work we'll drive to my parents to stay there overnight. At 7 in the morning we must be on the road again as we will meet the friends and relatives at 10 in the North. Then we'll change the vehicle there for the tour. On Sunday I will take the train back to Munich, it will be a busy weekend. Nature gives me something.

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