Saturday, August 22, 2009

Practicing or filming, not both at the same time

To practice and to film at the same time is not a good idea. My practice was interrupted, flow disappeared. It took much too long to find an appropriate place for my camera. I was too curious when the movie was done, watched it before I continued with filming again, because I didn't like the section that could be seen i.e.. Then I forgot to close the door, I had to repeat filming again. Now I have enough. I have to admit I never ever did laghu vajrasana so often. Each time I got faster. Perhaps I wanted to bring it behind me.

I don't want to let my morning practice spoil by filming like today.

Next time I will take extra time for filming. Best is to go out. My room is too small for filming activities. Either I find a room where filming is possible and the result is aesthetic or I will have to film outside. It is still summer time, so it is possible to find a place somewhere close to my villa motley.

Pashasana: I was searching for a smaller book and I found one "Flying solo". This book serves now as a support under my heels when I do pashasana. First I rolled back. I tried it again and at the second attempt I was able to remain in that pose. This is progress.
Hanumanasa develops as well.

I face a totally new situation now, I have to get used to it. Soon I will be without a job without an income. I still experience a mixture of all sorts of feelings: relief, aggression, sadness, doubts, joy that I will be free soon again, insecurities what will come next and and and....
And now one of the videos is hopefully up........

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