Tuesday, August 04, 2009

An asana can be done....

An asana can be done when it is relaxing to be in this asana. This is in my opinion a goal when doing asanas, being able to relax when doing it. The edges can be felt. But important is that the pose can be enjoyed. This is more and more the case when I do asanas. Even hanumanasana was relaxing today.
When I did urdhva dhanurasana I remembered this. I breathed deeply, this helps to relax usually.
I loved and enjoyed my morning practice. I was a bit too late on my mat and regretted this. So it is. No stress is more important than achievements for the time being.

Work: It was a good day yesterday, friendly atmosphere. I needed this. Really. I am optimistic now that this goes on like this. It is at least possible to have such relaxing days. My colleague and I laughed about the day: "Did you realize", she told me,"nobody insulted us today, nobody humiliated us, nobody pilloried us due to a little mistake, nobody made a complaint to the boss." But it's not yet evening today.


Julian said...

As B.K Iyengar said:
"the goal is effort without effort"

Ursula said...

I know what is meant by it.
Effort can also be substituted by goal. To have a goal, but remaining in the moment, needn't be contradictory.
I'm reading "Yoga beyond belief" by Ganga White and he writes the same. Btw it is a fantastic book.

Finally a book that goes a bit further but only describing how to perform an asana.