Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My vegan breakfast

If the wish comes up to follow a vegan diet, it is easy to start with the breakfast. I usually eat a fruit with soy yogurt. Sometimes I add raisins, or a few nuts (not a handful, a few, 3 or 4). That's it.
On Sundays I eat a slice of bread with soy margarine and jam.
It needn't to be much. It shouldn't be much, but with a little breakfast the organism wakes up.
Almost all people eat the same things for breakfast. It makes sense to reflect on what it is what we repeat every day.
Important is: less is more.
The breakfast on the picture is enough till lunch time. But when lunch time comes, I am hungry. I usually eat at 12:30. In the meantime I drink water.
Btw it is my 3030 post within two and a half years. :)

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