Saturday, August 15, 2009

Me an instrument of the devine???

I feel excellent, after an excellent practice.
When I can practice till laghu vajrasana when in a Mysore class, I must also be able to do the same when at home. And so was it. I practiced without omitting a single asana till laghu vajrasana. I even did full vinyasas. From time to time I left the mat for a little break, allowedly. But the breaks were short breaks and soon I found myself again on the mat. I didn't haste through the series I examined the asanas.
Pashasana: This pose develops nicely. I use a book as a support under my heels, but I feel it already, soon I have to search for a thinner book. But not every day is the same sometimes the finger tips can touch, sometimes I can hook the fingers.
Laghu vajrasana: I could come up but from a higher position than the floor. My cushions helped me. I get a feeling how it must feel when to come up from this pose. The muscles need to be used all the time, the hips must go up and forward.
Urdhva dhanurasana: Yes, yes, yes, only the first half is done. The pose feels incomplete. I must come up, but the body has still no clue how to do it. 5 times I dropped back, and it was great. I had the feeling as if I can walk the hands much closer to the feet than I could do this a few months ago. Please let me stand up now. Please. I want to complete this pose. I plan to work on this pose this evening.

For each and every pose it is helpful to stretch first before going into the pose. This is true for forward bending and for back bending. How to start a pose determines how it will look in the end.

I had music on today, it was OK, I hadn't forgotten to focus on the breath.

Pranayama afterwards on my Indian blanket: I did only 5 rounds, but pranayama is great.

I was not in the mood to take pictures, because this would have interrupted the flow.

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