Friday, August 28, 2009

Like yesterday

Barefoot I walked into my most comfortable room, my yoga room and TV room and living room, all at the same time. It's a little bit spent already, but it gives charm to this place. This room is like a chameleon. It can change its function. I rolled out my black thick mat, with this activity I made a yoga room out of this balcony room, I opened the curtain, switched off the light, stepped on my mat and started with my surya namaskaras.
A few years ago the first suryas were painful. This disappeared. Nowadays I feel stiff in the beginning, but the movements are no more painful. This is really great. When the first 5 suryas are done, my flat hand can touch the mat and it feels good. Friday is my forward bending day. The highlight today was uttanasana. It was relaxing to hang forward. Gravity helped me to deepen this pose. I breathed deeply and simply bent forward. It's a wonderful pose. So simple, so beautiful.
I am in peace with my modest practice today. My mind flies away these days. Thoughts are in Mumbai already, next second my thoughts circle around the little good-bye dinner on Monday evening, then I'm writing my books and and and.........The mind can only relax when in the here and now I read lately. I don't know if this is true. Today my thoughts didn't support my practice, they were elsewhere, but not on the mat.

Time to write some emails.

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