Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is dark now when I get up

It is dark now when I get up. It tells me that summertime is slowly ending. My black coffee helps me to wake up despite the feeling that it is still in the middle of the night when I'm upright in that world.

I did not much on my mat this morning. A few surya namaskaras were exercised (A and B) and uttanasana. I finished my short yoga practice with padmasana. It is all OK, as I have Mysore class this evening. It is hot here and I can already imagine how much I will sweat this evening and how flexible my body will be. I will love it. Time for breakfast.

When practicing on a daily basis I learn to work with my energy. I sensibilize my senses to feel my energy and to use it in a way I like to use it. This is a basis ability, useful for many situations in life.


C.K. said...

Hi Ursula,
It's dark here too when I get up.
But it's nice to think that you're up early, too (albeit about seven hours ahead of us!).

karena said...

I'm in Belgium, and noticing the days getting shorter already as well. I discovered your blog a week or so ago, but only just realized that you are in Germany.

Thanks for sharing your daily practices and thoughts with us. It has been very inspiring and informative for this new convert to yoga.

Ursula said...

Hi Cara,

I thought of you lately. I read in your blog that this year you won't go to India like all the years before and I wondered how you would feel about it.

I just heard that my contract will end by 4th Sept. India is again closer than ever. At the moment I know nothing. The shock is still in my bones.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that so many committed yogis/yoginis get up so early to practice. It is a wonderful connection.


Ursula said...

Hi Karena, thanks for reading.